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Local Executive Team

If you have a labour relations issue, have recently started a new job but have not signed up through your union representative, or have questions/concerns about your contract or working conditions, please contact your Bargaining Unit President.

Local Coordinator/Bargaining Unit President Karen McCoy,

Vice-Local Coordinator James Chu,

Secretary Courtney Freeman,

Treasurer Graham Robinson,

Lead Representative/PRC Rep Thomas Tsuji,

Local Committees

Grievance Committee (CHEO)
Grievance Chair: Karen McCoy
Committee Members: Courtney Freeman, James Chu, Tiffany Sametz-Dinelle and Thomas Tsuji

Hospital Association (HAC @ CHEO)
Co-chair: Karen McCoy
Committee Members: Pam McCallum, Connie Smith and Thomas Tsuji

Joint Health & Safety Committee
Committee Members: Connie Smith, Thomas Tsuji and Courtney Freeman

Return to Work
Member: James Chu

Professional Development Committee
Member: Pam McCallum

Human Rights and Equity
Member: Thomas Tsuji

Local Negotiation Committee (CHEO)
Chair: Karen McCoy
Full Time Representatives: Lisa Gault and Meagan Stewart
Part Time Representatives: Courtney Freeman and Thomas Tsuji
Alternates: Janine Alaire

Election Committee
Graham Robinson

Unit Representatives

Your Bargaining Unit Reps 2021-2024:

Mental Health (6E/6N, EDP) – Connie Smith
Inpatient Surgery – Laura Cardillo
Hematology/Oncology/MDU – Graham Robinson
4 North – Meagan Stewart
Emergency – Molly Brown
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – Erica McCartney
Float Team – Zarena Geddes
Inpatient Medicine – Abby Woldeyesus
Perioperative Services – Janine Alarie, Janine Iley,
Neonatal Intensive Care – vacant
Ambulatory Care – Tiffany Sametz-Dinelle
Medical Imaging– vacant
Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program – Keri-Ann Berga
Nursing Practice and Education/Nurse Practitioner – Kierstin Kinlin
Child Development and Rehabilitation – vacant

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